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29 09 2008
Frank Gorter

Waterstof productie.
het schijnt dat de chlamydomonas rheinhardii H2 kan produceren.
Waarom staat dat niet in eht schema en
Wat is daar van het rendament als je het als een productie lijn zou gaan opzetten. ?

7 06 2011
Ruud van Leeuwen

Beste Frank,

in dit artikel wordtje vraag grotendeels beantwoord


In summary, the ability of green algae to photoproduce H2 gas has been a biological curiosity for many years. Until now, only traces of H2 could be detected for very short periods of time using a Clark-type H2 electrode or a mass spectrometer. The present work shows, for the first time to our knowledge, that it is possible to produce and accumulate significant volumes of H2 gas using C. reinhardtii in a sustainable photobiological process that can be employed continuously for several days. The process depends on physiological treatment of the algal culture, not on mechanical or chemical manipulation of the cells. This single-organism, two-stage biophotolysis and H2 production process may serve as the basis for further research and development efforts that could generate renewable H2 for the fuel and chemical industries.

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